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Fool on the Hill?: 939 Lombard Street

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We've always wondered what it might be like to live on twisty-turny Lombard Street. The tourists blocking the streets, traipsing down the walkways, the noise ... We'd bet that it takes a certain level of civic pride— a love of history, and even humanity— to receive so many on your doorstep each day. Give it a shot: 939 Lombard Street sits a half-block below the action. Single family 3-story home, 3000 square feet, 3-bedroom, 3-bath; an extra lot for another, if you so choose (4,056 total sq. ft.). May be sold as a TIC (both house and lot are also listed as such). $4,900,000 asking, or $1,633.33 per. Fool on the hill or shrewd investment opportunity? Location, Location, Location!
· 939 Lombard Street [MLS]