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Live From Mint Plaza: Tweaking Out 'Till Tomorrow

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Those who'd like to get high at lunch today should drop the Sharpies and break for Mint Plaza right now: The site is cordoned off in preparation for tomorrow's grand opening, and a team of worker bees are slopping coats of sealant onto the granite tiles as we type. (And no, we're not clickety-clicking away at Minty Fresh. Promised WiFi— hell, any WiFi? Not quite yet.) Even the donut shop has snapped to attention— it's exterior is receiving a new coat of paint (Shade? Let's call it "Grey Poupon.") They've even hired a poor bloke to paint the grout between the tiles. Some small plants have yet to be settled and the ubiquitous orange chairs have entered some sort of witness protection program, but the hustle is paying off. Minty should have her face on by tomorrow's opening, no problem.


Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103