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Live From Oracle Open World: Hang on Howard Street

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Following a week of near misses with the Oracle transportation fleet (and since we're traipsing about the neighborhood anyway), Curbed SF thought it high time that we drop in on the logistical nightmare festivities. The sheer magnitude of Oracle Open World— signage, transpo, multimedia displays— is impressive, as is the minutia, too. (See Eater's Oracle lunch report: vegan, glucose free, halal— they've got you covered.) And if they had to close Harrison Howard Street, at least they made one hell of a spectacle while doing so. What goes up must come down, so expect another round of madness soon enough.

[Ed note: So we dashed this one off downtown and rushed to an appointment only to return and find that yes, we did, in fact, flip around the closure (Howard) and the detour (Harrison) in our post. Well played.]

The good shepherd of Harrison Street

The Mothership (a.k.a. Moscone lobby)

Landscaped lunch tent