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Ask Curbed SF: Holy Land on Dolores Street

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Asked Curbed SF is a reader help line of sorts. Send along your queries: We'll cut, paste, and distribute before sitting back to watch you all boss one another around. Social networking at its most entertaining, no doubt.

A pius mind is dying to know:

I was wondering if you knew anything about the sale of the former Golden Gate Lutheran church at 601 Dolores. I live in the neighborhood and rumor has it that one person has purchased the former church and intends to make it their home, which sounds kind of cool! There was a "sold" sign on the building as of 2 weeks ago. Clever turn of phrase there, Zephyr realty. The marketing pitch: "This exquisite location is now available to someone with resource and capability to navigate City departments and answer the calling of this property. Not for anyone faint of heart, but someone with fortitude, patience, persistence and true vision. A truly rare opportunity to renovate or develop as the City allows, only comes once in a lifetime. "
As if! A quick tour of the property website revealed the following: $2.1M asking; property status "pending," 18,000 square feet, 3 1/2 bathrooms. Stats. Fun. Now who has the back story?
· 601 Dolores Street [website]