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Curbed Inside: Chelsea Park, Take 2

Back to Chelsea Park— earlier in the week we toured the grounds, and today it's time to take it inside. The development occupies a single, approximately 1-acre, L-shaped lot. Though four buildings are detailed on the Chelsea Park website (and are generally referred to as such— Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington— there are actually 8 buildings total: Bloomsbury, at 29 Oakwood Street (building entrance) features 8 units. Mayfair is 3 buildings (2 units per), as is Knightsbridge (also 2 per). Kensington, site of the second entrance to Chelsea Park, runs along 19th Street and is made up of 19 units. Fact finding = fun.

The spaces above is one of 5 below market rate units (as per city law, though developments can pay their way out of including them— can't think of any developments around here who have done that now, right?) As we said before the 39 unit flats range in price from the high $600's to over $1M for a wide array of spaces— 1-bedroom, 1-bath all the way to 3-bedroom townhomes with den and loft options. Let's take a peek.

Witness the entrance off of Oakwood Street; this hallway leads in both from the street and parking area; modest, which reads as unpretentious. Note the decor-in-progress, a montage of of antique-looking ephemera.

Townhome loft in Mayfair; note its departure from the slab lofts we're all used to seeing.

Unit windows are large, but often face one another. This conundrum is present, in one way or another, in nearly every unit we've toured, ever. Curtains, blinds, whatever. Exhibitionists and oyeurs delight!

French doors; round window detail in Mayfair.

Kitchens! Brace: Cabinetry has been designed specifically for this project by M8 Designs, whose customization option is even patened— owners can choose from a wide variety of finishes to pop onto their basic cabinets.

A very big kitchen ...

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[Many, many thanks to Elizabeth Meier, Project Sponsor, who lead us on a friendly and thorough excursion. Thanks, too, to Greg Rutledge of Pacific Coast Construction.]