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Ask Curbed SF: Holiday Headache in the Hood

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Stop laboring under the delusion: You're not omniscient. Enter Ask Curbed SF, wherein we receive your questions with open arms, then charge them to your fellow readers. Some body out there has the answer, we just know it.

Ah, the holidaze. Plans are hatched, pies ordered, liquor guzzled. Pig pile in Union Square! We want a pony. Our reader, however, just wants to get along:

Dear Curbed SF— Remember that movie "Christmas Vacation," where the power is blown out along the entire block due to one man's obsession with holiday decor? Well, I have that neighbor. Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived and already my migraines are being triggered by flashing lights placed oh-so-strategically next to my bedroom window. Listen, I don't want to be a jerk: this guy isn't a bad person, he's just campy as hell. How to deal without coming off as a total Grinch? I love the holidays, too— but goddamn! (PS: no name or neighborhood here— don't want to risk an all-out war) This is a tough one, folks. What to do when you love your neighbors, but just can't cope with their holiday zeal?

[Macy's gone over-the-top. Image courtesy Flickr user shyamster]