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Democracy Now: Green Building for All?

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[View from Arterra, San Francisco's premiere green development in Mission Bay]

How long until this measure makes its way north? San Jose's city government is considering extending its policy on mandatory green government buildings to private development as well. City buildings over 10,000 square feet in size must earn a silver LEED certification; in a recent quid pro quo, the owners of a 120-acre flea market site was forced to go silver before the city would pony up rezoning permits to allow for up to 2,818 housing units.

Developers know just how much it costs to implement green measures; the green argument contends that energy savings will compensate in the long haul. Aside from the green stuff, what intrigues us the most about this proposal, however, is its possible implications on marketing strategies. Where would the spin turn if every building in San Francisco were green by default?
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