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Serenity Now: 1483 Sutter Street

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1483 Sutter Street at Gough/Franklin may well be worth looking into for some people, but we love the gloss the seller's giving it on Craigslist —never did we think that a supposedly "quiet one bedroom" unit being "close to the elevator" was possible, let alone a selling point. Does The Sutterfield have some sort of revolutionary, low-decibel elevators? Are the multitude of residents in the building's 160-odd units particularly tight-lipped when entering and exiting the lift? Does this "urban oasis" encourage the permitted small dogs to be calm and respectful? More bonus points to the seller: the only pictures offered on the CL listing are of the building's common areas. We'd love to actually see that "open floor plan," those "bamboo floors," and the "LOTS of closets & storage" in the master (i.e., only) bedroom. Flip over to the MLS listing and there's also an artist's rendering of the building, a shot of the 24-hour security desk, and some sad-looking Nautilus equipment.

Oh, wait: we found one interior shot—a dining room+kitchen that, admittedly, looks pretty nice. Hey, way to highlight the unit, there. Hucksterism aside, they want $559k for this approx. 800 sq. ft, 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom flat—that's almost $700 per square foot. HOA dues are $531 monthly. One parking space included. The first open house is on the 18th; don't be shocked if it includes stops at the pool, security desk, gym, sundeck, and a close-up examination of the ultra-quiet, ultra-convenient elevator.
· $559000 FIRST OPEN! Quiet and Serene URBAN OASIS! [Craigslist]
· 1483 Sutter Street No. 520 [MLS]