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Share and Share Alike: The Odeon

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The Odeon has placed a small fleet of luxury penthouses on the market— or rather, fractions thereof. All are deeded interest properties— 1/8th of a $3.1M penthouse, with shares at $375K (plus $1K/month HOA dues). Average availability? Six weeks per year, though one does have the option of swapping spots with other high rollers in Maui, Lake Tahoe, and Tuscany. Two levels on the top floor, approximately 2,500K square feet, 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, brand name kitchen and all of that.

Realizing that we're opening ourselves up to ridicule, and yet comfortable in our blogger-not-realtor skin, we ask: are these listings jacked up, or what? There are four in total, all having the same description and deets— all are billed as 1/8 deeded interest properties. And yet two shares are listed at $375K, one at $395K and one at the entire $3.1M. Evidence that we may not, in fact, be misreading the MLS: price per sq. ft. is listed at $157 for the $395K unit, while the $3.1M penthouse enjoys $1,050/ month HOA fees. Typos are typos— we all make them. The difference between $3.1M and $375K, however, is vast.
· 181 O'Farrell Street # 513 [MLS]