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Look! Another Neighborhood: MISO

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Our readers love to throw down over nabeslast week proved no exception as we tussled over an area that some considered the Mission, and others felt ventures more into Potrero Hill territory. Naming and renaming the smallest of enclaves proves a veritable sport; obsessive compulsive cartographers compete relentlessly to find and identify the most obscure, ambiguous areas of the city. As SFist reports today, local city guide/ cab rag TODO has committed what just might be the worst foul: MISO. What is MISO, pray tell? According to this map, it occupies a couple of blocks between the Mission and SoMa. Are 14th and 15th streets going to stand for this? Hell, no! As for the question regarding the area between the Mission and P Hill, an SFist reader lends an idea: Mitrero. Now how about that one?
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[Map courtesy TODO, reprinted by SFist, cribbed and adulterated by us, natch.]