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Minor Art Attack: "Hearts In SF"

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It looks like the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation will again be subjecting local denizens and visitors to its cloying fiberglass hearts in a continuation of its 2004 "Hearts in San Francisco" fundraising event. We can be thankful that there are a mere 17 new ones, 12 of which are of the pygmy variety this time around— notable artists include the Precita Eyes Muralists on one of the big ones and Dr. Jay Levy (co-discoverer of HIV) and San Francisco Giant Omar Vizquel on the tiny ones. The pieces are due to be revealed and subsequently auctioned off. February . . . 14th. Of course. Who took our insulin?

We know, we know: The SFGHF is a non-profit that raises money to support good works, like improving patient care at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center. On an even brighter note: at least at 17 (with only five big ones) versus 130 in 2004, they won't be nearly so ubiquitous as last time around.
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[Meta! Image copyright Ingrid Taylor, courtesy]