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Consumer Reports: Burned at The Millenium

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We received this letter from a very, very unhappy homebuyer who was recently given the shaft at the Millennium sales office. The Ritz Carlton Residences, St. Regis Residences, the Infinity, and One Rincon Hill: off the hook. Your people were just swell— and now one of you can expect to receive a nice chunk o' cash from a Millennium defector.

Dear Christopher Jefferies,

I’m writing this letter today to express my great disappointment in your current sales team at The Millennium SF. As a qualified home buyer who has over $1 million to put down on a home and has a household income of over $400K a year, I was not allowed to enter the doors of your sales center and seek additional information.
I have been watching and anticipating the opening of your sales office for the past 6 months. When I heard that your office was finally opening last week, I called to find out where it was located and went this past Friday after work. As I tried to enter the doors of the sales office, I was stopped by the doorman. He asked me if I had an appointment and I told him that I didn’t. As I asked him if I could just grab a brochure or some reading information, one of the sales agents came out and asked me again in a rude tone “do you have an appointment.”; As I repeated myself again and told her no, she told me that I was not allowed to come in and that your sales office did not have any additional information to give me. Basically, she was telling me that I was not welcome and that I needed to leave.

The service I received at your office left me feeling angry, humiliated and appalled. As a company who claims that they are dedicated to five-star service, this was not what I expected to encounter. I have gone to other Luxury buildings like the Ritz Carlton Residences, St. Regis Residences, the Infinity, and One Rincon Hill, and have never been treated this way, even when they were busy. If this is how you treat your potential residents, what am I to expect if I were to actually purchase one of your units?
I hope no other potential client will be treated this way as it was an offensive experience. I’m very disappointed by your sales team, and I hope you use this letter to improve your customer service.