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How Low Will You Go?: $925 in Potrero Hill

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How many compromises (or, moreover, what sorts) would you be willing to make in exchange for rock bottom rent? For $925/ month, get ready for boot camp in Potrero Hill:

What: 450 square foot loft (Legal dwelling? Questionable.)

Where: above an office in a warehouse at Indiana/ Cesar Chavez

Deets: Or, as the landlord calls them, "funky aspects." Must walk through office/warehouse to reach unit entrance (via stairs). Kitchenette with fridge, microwave; no stove. Sink? Bathroom and "Shower with curtain" are downstairs (i.e. in the warehouse) though tenant "could put in a waterless toilet?yes they exist!" And finally we reach the application process: "Be prepared for a VERY vigorous approval process in which you are willing and able to prove that you are who you say you are and a VERY, honest and trustworthy person. I will be doing an extensive, thorough background check, credit check, plus calling former landlords and references."

Worth it, we ask?
· $925 Eclectic Studio/Loft in Large Warehouse (potrero hill)