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All Quiet On 46 West Clay Street

46 West Clay St., in the Richmond Lake neighborhood known as West Clay Park, is a recent market entrant seeking $3.2 million for its 3,725 stately square feet. That's about $860 per. It last sold in April 1989 for $1,005,000. The property boasts 11 rooms (4 bed, 3.5 bath), a two-car garage (side-by-side, of course), and ample storage. It promises picturesque living as well—two walk-out terraces, views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio, a dining room that overlooks the garden. Take in the views and unwind. West Clay Street itself even features oh-so-crucial "speed humps," made from recycled tire rubber, that reduce noise and traffic for this exclusive "pocket neighborhood"—the 2001 installation of which were privately funded. Folks around here like their peace and quiet. There's a touring tomorrow from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Inside voices, please.
· 46 W. Clay St. [MLS]