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Marina Bedbug Removal: Not Cheap

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For a problem that's supposedly a nuisance rather than a health risk, bedbugs sure can bite hard in the ass pocketbook. The itchy little guys are helped in that property managers are afraid to even discuss them with potential tenants, as they believe even the specter of bedbugs will scare the potential delicious snacks renters off. And where you find them might surprise you. An article in the latest BusinessWeek SmallBiz cites a Marina District property manager's infestation (5 rooms, hallways, and in-between walls in a 28-unit complex) as costing $40k, which included almost $10 grand to one litigious resident. Tough to kill, bedbugs can survive for almost a year without a meal. Since DDT's been banned, one of the few effective methods of bedbug removal is to clear out rooms and freeze their contents for 48 hours. Giving the little bloodsuckers the cold shoulder, at least in the example cited above? About: about $2k per unit.
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