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Development du Jour: Precita Eyes in the Mission

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The four five condominiums at 2917 24th Street (Nos. 201, 202, 301, and 302) have finally made it onto the market; we refer to them collectively (and oh-so-cleverly) as the "Precita Eyes"— the building is covered by a 1978 mural commissioned by Precita Eyes, the community-based arts organization formed in 1977 and still running strong out of the Mission. (Big? Bright? Politically themed? Probably theirs.) All are 3-bedroom, either 2 or 3-bath, and include parking. In the Mission. On 24th Street. This is huge. (Ed. note: Perhaps not that huge; it appears that the parking is leased. By a church. Oh.) No. 202 is featured here; it's the least expensive at $639,000. Units rise in price by $10K thereafter, topping out at $6899,000 $699,000. HOA fees hover below $400 on all units. No square footage listed on the MLS/Vanguard site (one of you realtors— to the comments!) so we can't do that breakdown. We're feeling optimistic, however.

"Very interesting boutique building" boasts the listing. While we wouldn't take it quite that far based on what we're seeing here— note the bathrooms and awkward white freestanding closets— the decks, views, and building's facade are enough of a draw for us to swallow an open house. Preliminary prediction: trumps Mission Valencia.

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