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Seller's Trick: Put Up A Parking Spot

Browsing listings, you'll notice a ton of properties for sale that have no dedicated parking spots—particularly condos in converted buildings (as opposed to in high-rises), and many single-family homes. We were recently let in on a pretty interesting tactic: selling agents are advising their clients in such properties to lease a parking spot in their neighborhood that could be signed over to a buyer post-sale.

It may seem obvious to some, but consider that the car-less are abundant here in town, many of them homeowners. They, perhaps, wouldn't have even thought of such a thing. It's a very quick way to lend appeal for potential buyers that drive, as it saves a lot of work. It's an investment, of course —in the seller's time (finding a spot close enough) and, naturally, money—we're talking $150-$300 a month for however long the house is on the market. Small potatoes if it gets you a quick sale, though.
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Photo courtesy Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture