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Toot Toot!: Marin Wants a Train, Too

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Could the subject of Bay Area public transportation creep any further toward surreality? Oh yes. In a nostalgic bid to transform the town into a miniature train replica recapture the olden days, Marin is considering the installation of a 20th century-style trolley system along its streets. Says Michael Rex, the Sausalito architect spearheading this precious plan: "[Trolleys] have an older, more charming character that fits Marin. We think modern-day streetcars that you see in San Francisco are a bit too urban for Marin." Sure, the planning/ environmental implications of such a system must be positive. But the idea of Marin becoming anymore idyllic than it already is just kills us. (Note: It is way too early in the day for us to be this easily amused.)
· Trolley transit seen as possible system in Marin [Marin Independent Journal]