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Rumblings & Bumblings: 14th Street Construction Update

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Rumblings & Bumblings, the Curbed SF construction watch for readers, by readers. You ask, we pass. Got an answer to one of these queries? To the comments or the tipline! Wondering about some urban carnage? Let us know. (As always, bonus points for digital photos.)

In yesterday's edition of Rumblings & Bumblings, we printed a reader query regarding construction on 14th Street, between Guerrero and Mission Streets— another reader followed up by asking where, exactly, the project was situated along those 2 blocks. Just now we received this photo of the site, along with the following note: "The project (which looks like lofts to me!) sits at 480 14th Street, next to the bike shop and just across from those couple of cute crafty shops."

We've already answered one out of three questions— let's make it two. Armed with this new information, have at it again. Reader reveal roundup tomorrow, for sure.