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Mint Plaza: The Kids Are Alright (enough)

We just happened to swing by Mint Plaza yesterday while engaging in a little retail therapy. Progress report as follows:
· Most landscaping elements installed or ready to go; trees planted, grasses placed, vines beginning to creep toward canopy.
· Main minty signage out of sight; one restaurant space still empty, shilling with massive hand-painted banner. +5 creativity points.
· Restaurants far from finished, but well under way. Few bar tops, window treatments, finishes visible. Polished granite ground tiles very, very shiny.
· Smell report: No human waste visible or otherwise. Toxic paint fumes prevalent. Pick your poison.
· Donut shop on corner still under construction. One month permit visible. Mint-related or not?

As indicated above in red, all landscaping elements have been placed and planted. Image courtesy the Mint Collection (alteration ours, natch).

Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103