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Civic Centering: Public Service, Sadly Named

Somehow, it's not so encouraging that when reading about the office in charge of "linking City government to San Francisco's many diverse neighborhoods and communities," all that pops into our head is anatomy lessons. Today, the CityStar ran a short profile on MONS—that is, the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, and Daniel Homsey, the man in charge of it.

Homsey cleverly sussed the appeal of San Francisco: "... the number one reason why people from around the world love this city is because of its neighborhoods." The department's responsibilities in keeping that flavor is wide-ranging: fixing sewage breakdowns, finding housing for the homeless, performing long-term commercial planning, overseeing gang violence problems, and more. But not, evidently, identifying shitty acronyms. Seriously, "MONS"? As if this administration needs further identification with all things concerning the crotch...
· Serving Neighborhoods [CityStar]

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