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Eater Tastings: Fro-Yo Wars, Other Wins and Losses

You remember, don't you? Eater SF is our new brother blog, the latest member of Curbed's brood. Just like the coach who puts his kid in the starting lineup each and every game, we play favorites, too.

1) While reading Perez Hilton, we quite often think "thank somebody we don't live in New York or LA or one of those other fake frozen yogurt-obsessed cities." Guess we spoke to soon, as Jubili made its fat-free debut on Fillmore this past Saturday. As P-nasty would say though, there's major "dramz" with competitor Honeydoo, whose fro-yo has yet to flow. The culprit? The gelato-biased North Beach Neighborhood Association.

2) From what we understand, Iron Chef and it's new follow up hit, The Next Iron Chef enjoy quite a following. Missed the premiere? Enter recovery Consult Eater's 12 step program 12 top takes on the new era of kitchen drama.

3) We concede: Signage does seem to indicate that a restaurant will actually open.

4) As if naming an Italian restaurant Chiaroscuro wasn't pretentious enough, the place has scored between 72 and 99.2% on Eater's shill-o-meter for reviews found on Citysearch and Yelp, respectively. Known post-planter Yelp boasts 3 consecutive 5-star reviews, each more Renaissant than the last. We just know this place garnishes with edible gold leaf.

Image courtesy photog Jen Maiser, via Flickr