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CurbedWire: Love Thy Neighbors

[Image courtesy SFist]

TENDERLOIN NOB HILL—What a find (and a lend). From SFist, a series of reader-submitted snaps from inside the Burke-Lewis Apartments, on Bush Street. In a vitriol-fueled attack on one building manager Jerry, Luddite tenants have eschewed the internet for public shaming; the diatribe above is from 2006 (see more recent versions here). When tenants began planting these love notes in the laundry room, said manager swiped, blew up, and re-posted their flames—with a twist. While SFist suggests Rotten Neighbor write-up, we would have voted for a simple IP address look-up; it might have saved him the run to Kinko's. These tenants were obviously online at some point, after all. [SFist]