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Mystery Manse Update: Deco Duel on Liberty Hill

Last week we inquired about 453 Liberty Street (left) in what we believe to be Liberty Hill, even though it is, technically, situated in Eureka Valley/ Dolores Heights. In fact, the post caused a nice little debate over location, location, location—and, incidentally, inspired our new mini-feature MLS/GPS. (452 Liberty Street; MLS: 5k; GPS: Lat: 37.756963 / Long: -122.431377). While MLS maps do come in handy for starting camp fires identifying neighborhoods, our burning question concerned the actual building itself which, as we noted the first time around, has been under construction since as long as we can remember. Enter kind neighbor/reader Anonymous, who delivered the dirt on this Deco megalith:

the guy has been working on it for the 12 years I've lived down the block. Some like it. I definitely don't. Maybe he thinks it complements the art deco apartments (now condos) on the liberty street stairs nearby. Or probably he just doesn't care. He's been working on the front steps for at least two years now. The guy definitely likes projects.
Twelve years. What devotion! It has come to our attention, however, that 453 Liberty Street has some competition: Just around the corner, at the intersection of Sanchez and Hill Streets, lies another mass of concrete Deco decadence, currently under renovation by Steve Gray Design. Face off: which do we like better, Curbed connoisseurs? And who can tell us more about our second specimen (codename: "polar bear") before the contractors call us back?
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