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CondoWire: Esprit, The Calfornian on Rincon Hill, City Walk (updated)

RINCON HILL—Mission aborted: The Californian on Rincon Hill will not be built, has been thrown to wolves. We're at a loss for words—see SocketSite for full details, analysis.
DOGPATCH—Esprit Park units on sale today. Volunteers currently distributing breakfast rations to overnight campers. Sales office offering iPhones to first 50 buyers, "I Camped Out for Esprit and All I Got Were the Leftovers and This Lousy T-Shirt" to rest.
SOMA—Mint Collection still assaulting olfactory senses.
OAKLAND—Olsen co. developers abandon downtown City Walk condos. City centerpiece left half-completed. Future residents S.O.L. [SF Business Times]

R.I.P., Californian