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Noe Valley Mural Starts With A 'Choke'

This rather vibrant-looking artichoke is but the beginning of a self-congratulatory mural slated for the site of the Noe Valley Farmers' Market at 3871 24th Street (MLS: 5c; GPS: Lat. 37.751463; Long. 122.428999) In addition to depicting fresh produce exemplifying the market, the mural will be interspersed with scenes from 24th St, both past and present. The project, which is supported in part by a Community Challenge Grant Program award of $65,000, will take many more months to complete. It's shaping up to be yet another impressive work by Mona Caron—not many ways for Noe Valley to better pay homage to itself.
· Mona Caron Illustration & Murals [website]