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Boulder Dash on Broadway, North Beach

On Thursday, a nightclub took a boulder in the back, and four buildings were evacuated on Broadway St. in North Beach. This is at the base of where a landslide caused major concern last February. Further stabilization efforts were started just Tuesday, which likely makes yesterday's fallen boulder either fallout from that process . . . or somewhat ironic. Of the supposedly concerned residents interviewed, only Nicholas Clayton seems to have a plan—he's ready to go at a moment's notice, with all his important documents in a "bailout bag," as he told KTVU: "Just take it and roll, like the old pilots. When they get shot down, they grab their bag and bail out. It's a basic survival kit." Thing is, those pilots were probably awake,right? Keeping important stuff ready to go = Good idea. Not sleeping where rocks may fall? Better idea.
· New Landslide Concerns Emerge In North Beach [KTVU]

[Image courtesy Google Maps]