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Eater Tastings: Grooves Lost, Doors Opened, Bets Placed

We were feeling so forlorn, out here alone in San Francisco while New York and LA had other Curbed network friends to share their link love with. Our lonely tears vanished soon enough though, when the Boss Man introduced us our new best friend forever: Eater SF. Join us each Friday as we put the "N" in nepotism.

1) Following this Chron's report on that little hygiene problem besieging Mint Plaza and its environs, the thought of eating outdoors is far from palatable. And at a sushi joint? Mark us down for a solid "negative" on that one. Faux-French cafe tables, umbrellas, heat lamps? Sure. Gas masks, malaria shots? Definitely.
2) Listen Charles Phan, we think your restaurants are swell. When we're at the Ferry Building, it's The Slanted Door, hands down. But when were at the mall—any mall—we surrender to the siren song of suburbia, where MSG and saturated fat rule the food court. Out The Door. The name does lend itself to images of glaring neon signage and slovenly condiments. There is hope.
3) When our eyes aren't trained to the computer screen, you better believe they're glazed over in front of the television. Or Eater's are, at least, as foodies the nation over clean up the crumbs from last night's Top Chef finale, and set up their TV trays once more for another round of reality TV: The Next Iron Chef.

[Ed. note: Yes, this post was appended out the wazoo. We charged full-speed ahead with "Eater Tastings" before even describing the feature—hell, before checking the style guide. Friday. Fun.]