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Mapped: SF Downtown Outreach Program

While revisiting yesterday's comments, we came across the following from reader 11th&Natoma :

"shoot. I just read that the program encompasses "a 15-block radius, from Third to Fifth Streets, between Market and Harrison Streets". darn. u know what this means? It means the rincon hill, mission bay, & south beach will rid themselves of this filth and sent it to west soma (7th-12th). thanks Newsom. Thanks alot. 8th-10th street are gonna be brutal after this sweep." A simple, but pressing question: what will happen in the coming months as the Downtown Outreach Program begins? How will SoMa and its surrounding areas shift and change? Debates about homelessness and social ills will continue on forever—this particular one is already well under way, in fact. Hoping to add to the conversation by putting a face on it—and because we're rather addicted to Google maps and the Photoshop—we've put together a little schematic of the area in question, outlined above in blue. Red zone = shootings galore. (We could probably expand that one a bit, no?) Blue bubbles = the kinds of condo and/or loft developments we kvetch about here and elsewhere in the blogosphere.

To the map! Please visit the Curbed SF Downtown Outreach Program Google map-in-progress, and let us know what you would like to see. This map is in its infantile stages now (read: we know that much is missing), but we plan to update it frequently while noting new developments, shifts in property values, crime stats, and bureaucratic snafus, amongst other fascinating facts and figures. We are so on this one.
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