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Workers of the World Unite: Sick of Stench at Mint Plaza

While Team Curbed SF did take a few recent field trips to Mint Plaza and the Mint Collection, we're certainly not regulars in that corridor. Workers Lenny Phero and Jerry VanDerHoeven are, however, and they're definitely not taking one for Team Mint in today's Chron. Writes C.W. Nevius:

Or check in with Lenny Phero, a workman who is helping to renovate the new plaza and apartment complex next to the Old Mint on Fifth Street. The units look great and will be a great addition to the neighborhood, but developers had better hope the new plan to patrol the area takes hold. It is hard to believe new residents will want to be greeted as Phero and co-worker Jerry VanDerHoeven are when they park their truck on Stevenson Street, an alley next to Fifth that the homeless and others use as a restroom. "You walk down Stevenson right now," VanDerHoeven says, "and it smells so bad I start to gag."

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Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103