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Richmond District 'Grenade House' Can Be YOURS!(?)

After a bunch of WWII-era grenades, long forgotten in a closet, were rediscovered yesterday at 475 22nd Avenue, in the Richmond District, history came alive—as in "live ordinance." The bomb squad had to be dispatched to 22nd and Anza; for about an hour, the area was roped off and nearby residents had to leave their homes.

According to the KRON's video report, the conservator of the vacant house actually found a box labeled "grenades" in a closet as he was walking through the house. While other reports are indicating as few as two live grenades were found, KRON's video report says that six live grenades, as well as blasting caps and fuses, were in the box. The bomb squad disposed of the vintage ordinance at a facility in Hunter's Point (go figure!).

What's especially exciting: the West & Praszker sign visible in the KRON report would lead us to believe the property is available. While we can't currently find it on MLS, it is indeed listed on W&P's site as such. Here are the vitals: $819,000; 2 bed; 1.5 bath; 5 total rooms; 1,525 sq. feet; 1913-built Edwardian; and the pitch: "Contractor's Special! In need of major renovation." Whoo! Hey, just think how easy demolition could have been!
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