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The Debrief: Curbed SF's Second Coming

Before we move too far along into Curbed SF's second coming, we'd like to give you some information about the new site, and ask for a little help in return.
1) Read Us: If you haven't already subscribed to our RSS feed, please proceed to the sidebar!

2) Tip Love: The entire Curbed network relies on tips and submissions from our readers. We are not omnipresent, and thus become very happy and thankful when you pass along the neighborhood intel. (Especially in the early days of our relaunch!) Drop us a note on the tip line! We accept just about anything for consideration: facts and figures, rumors, listings, photos, YouTube links, Photoshop name it. And don't forget to send the love to Eater SF either, please thank you.

3) Newness: You're probably noticing our new features; some we conjured specifically for SF, while others run across the Curbed network. Feel free to submit to a specific feature. And please participate! We'll be running polls, contests, and whatever else comes to mind (or our readers suggest).