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Mystery Manse: 453 Liberty Street, Liberty Hill

Back to the happy, pretty houses then... Readers, please meet 453 Liberty Street, an apparent pet project of a Liberty Hill denizen who could be either A) blind, B) dead, C) considers construction an endurance sport, or D) simply lives elsewhere. Incidentally, it's an obvious given that the owner fancies Fitzgerald, downs gin like water, and probably still dances the Charleston, too.

This deco monolith has been suffocating beneath plastic and sprouting rebar for what feels like forever. We recently found ourselves in the "citizen journalist" position, as a neighborhood tipster gave us some live-and-direct intel on the place. Apparently the owner is, in fact, living there, and intends to stay following the renovation which has, in fact, been underway for an inordinate amount of time. A twinkle in our little birdie's eye seemed to suggest otherwise though, and though we've scoured the market to no avail, we're nevertheless feeling suspicious. Libertines, dish it!

[Ed note.] We've been corrected: apparently 453 Liberty is situated on Liberty Hill. Been in that area town for long enough, but always considered the locale a subject of debate (i.e. we've heard it called the Mission, Noe, and the Castro). Nevertheless, thanks for delivering the exactitude. PS: We snapped this one ourselves; assume that all other non-public or unattributed photos are ours.