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'Thrift' Street? There's A Joke In There Somewhere

Perhaps there aren't live grenades hiding in the closet, but "you won't be blown up" is hardly a ringing endorsement for a place. That, however, may be the highest praise you find for 286 Thrift Street, in Oceanview (district 3J, to be exact) which was recently made available. The description of "great condo alternative" (read: small) hardly has us jumping to see it. Sure, it has advantages over most condos in that there's an attached one-car garage and a paved driveway—not to mention no dreaded HOA dues. Even so, this two bed, one bath fixer upper "Needs a little TLC" and the lot is described as "Irregular, Downslope." Add to the mix the asking price of $599K—that's almost $800 for every one of those 750 square feet—and we're scratching our heads a bit. Of course, just a bit more than two years ago it sold for $644k, so maybe the sellers don't believe they are being overly optimistic with what they are asking. But still, no no matter which way you look at it, $800/sq. ft. ain't exactly "thrifty."
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