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CurbedWire: All About Maps

SOMA—In a few short days SoMa has stepped (been shoved, kicked...) into the local limelight—or maybe searchlight proves a more appropriate lighting device here? Though we promise to lay off the crack, we will continue to toil over our SoMa development map; you can't take ban all of our vices, SF. As for the rest of the city, following today's reassignment to the cartographic short bus, we're about to get downright evangelical with the MLS mappity-map-maps and any other kind of mapping tool we damn well feel like mastering. So study up, fools: We feel an all-city geographic challenge coming on. [Curbed SF]

EMBARCADERO—Speaking of spatial confusion, Culture Blog TV correspondent (yes, there exists such a position) Rain Jokinen sends the last episode of NBC drama "Journeyman" up the flagpole for jacking up San Francisco, directionally and otherwise. Violations include: inefficient use of cable car system, recycling of 90's signage, hosting of porn convention by luxury hotel. [SF Gate Culture Blog]