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Clear Channel Votes A, Puts Money Where Mouth Is

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Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin and his gang of Proposition A supporters, San Franciscans for Clean Air & Better MUNI, recently awarded Clear Channel Outdoor Inc. a multi-multi-multi million dollar advertising contract. But not, as we now know, before accepting a $20,000 campaign donation from the company— two days before the Supes' 9-1 approval vote on the deal, worth over at least $306 million parsed over the next 20 years. MUNI scores $5 million up front, $7m in the first year, and at least $35m in subsequent years. Clear Channel will have sole advertising rights to over all transit shelters and freestanding kiosks. Scary— imagine the design implications! Though the contribution appears to violate city laws designed to fend of would-be vote buyers (risking, in this case, a $60k penalty) Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi— who voted against the Clear Channel takeover, by the way— said that he doesn't believe the donation influenced Peskin's vote. Bottom line: Vote Prop A.
· Ad firm gives to Muni measure, gets S.F. contract [SF Gate]

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