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Bar Your Doors, Castro Residents!: Policing Halloween

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Who knew that Gavin Newsom read Foucault? The Castro will become a veritable police state this evening, as the mayor issued a stern warning against drunk driving and nearly every other form of revelatory behavior: Violators will be subject to jail time, north of $1,000 in fines, a four-month license suspension, and a 10-year public arrest record— not so easy on the insurance premiums, eh? (Get ready to blow: the SFPD will also erect a record number of sobriety checks around the city.) Though the neighborhood will be posted as a no-parking zone from 1 p.m. this afternoon until 3 a.m. tomorrow, police barricades will nevertheless be stacked, the BART stalled, and some restaurants and businesses closed. Listen San Franciscans: the city just wants to scare you into controlling yourself help you help yourself. For those who simply can't respect authority though, six-hundred police and sheriff's deputies await, as do 47 extra parking control officers. Now that's the kind of Halloween we're talking about.
· NEWSOM: Out-Of-Towners buy themselves grief if they head for San Francisco Castro District Halloween [SF Sentinal]

[Image courtesy San Francisco Party Party]