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Affordable Housing: "It's Not A Cardboard House, It's a Cardboard Home"

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Homebuyers, meet Dystopic Horizons Realty, an agency offering affordable "near-loft" like housing in the Bay Area. Units feature cutting edge deployable architecture, passive heating and cooling options, and open interior floor plan (O.I.F.L). Basic models allow for minor and major renovation options. No property tax or HOA fees. From the official website:

Welcome to Dystopic Horizons Realty. The exceptional lifestyle that cultivates creative thinking... Basic models available starting in the mid $100s. Each inspired live/work unit is hand-crafted, and capable of magnificent views. The loft-like Cubist floorplan allows convenient interior access and customized storage solutions. Green construction and copious natural lighting and ventilation support ecologically responsible living. "It's not a cardboard house, it's a cardboard home." Spoof! (Though many a true word is uttered in jest.) This "company" is one of 10 artist-made projects featured in "Project Artist Connect," a new public program of sorts initiated by mayoral candidate Chicken John Rinaldi. Good Halloween fun.
· Dystopic Realty Horizons [website]
· Chicken John Rinaldi [official campaign website]