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Staged Empty: 829 Corbett Ave

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829 Corbett Ave recently came on the market for an asking price of $845k. The house, in Twin Peaks, leaves lots to the imagination— totally unstaged, as per the pics on MLS. Empty. This is sort of a delightful change of pace— an excuse to get imaginative. Like imagining the kitchen without those aqua-on-white cabinets and other random bright green bits. And is that faux-brick linoleum? Yeesh. The property has a lower level with an unwarranted studio apartment/bath. To us, "unwarranted" seems a little sexy and intriguing—is it a simple code technicality? A serious deficiency? We must know. With all the conversions and structural oddities in this town, "unwarranted" can be just as good as warranted in practical terms, if not technical ones. And all that wood down there. . . just delightfully odd.

One bed and one bath are indeed warranted; the property clocks in at 1,000 sq. ft, or $845 per. Despite this blank canvas, the price seems a little ambitious. After all, the open house notice for 11/04, its first showing, states: "Twin Peaks view property needing work. Put your own stamp on this home." This place could surely be cool with a lot of time, effort, and a little vision—in our view, a property that's $845 per square foot should be a little more ready to go out of the box. Plus all the quirky features? Someone may fall in love, but we're guessing we'll see this place on the market for some time to come. (Anybody that sees it, feel free to fill in the deets, please).
· 829 Corbett [MLS]