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Shut Your Smog Hole! "No Alternative" in Potrero Hill

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Last week our Potrero Hill-based readers weighed in on the planned construction of a helipad atop the new UCSF hospital in Mission Bay; our respondents supported the plan, valuing saved lives over helicopter noise. (We know, we know— a truly difficult judgment call.) Yesterday, another grand scheme was passed by the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee. The Mission? Replacement of Potrero Hill's existing power plant, Mirant, with a $230m combustion turbine power plant that will generate 150 megawatts of electricity for the city. District 10 Supe Sophie Maxwell calls the proposal the "lesser of two evils" that will ensure Mirant's closing on a "definite" date. Tony Irons, deputy general manager of the SFPUC, claims that there exists "no other alternative;" Gav supports the plan, which will be voted on by the full board today. Opponents claim that the City should only pursue renewable energy sources, and also fear that Mirant will not, in fact, be shut down. Attention Potrero Hill: We suspect that you're not as irked by the helicopter thing as you've been made out to be. But what about a fossil-fuel burning smog hole— Can we get a witness?
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