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Comeback Kid: 462 Diamond Street

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A reader dishes the dirt on 462 Diamond Street's sordid past:

"Check out 462 diamond st. owner bought this home for 1,250k for his daughter who turned into a druggie....invited all the homeless for the past 2 years .....smelly home. Flipper bought it for 770k 3 mths ago and its on the market for 1,399k. Great flip for 2007 in housing downturn and credit crunch....." Based on what we're hearing here, this one has undergone a real transformation— and quickly, at that. (This much renovation in that brief amount of time, or an interior that wasn't too jacked up to begin with?) Built in 1917; 2-bedrooms, 2.5 baths (jets in tub!). $1,399, 000 asking— 1952 square feet/ 716. 70 per. Oh, and for the classy drunks among you: Champagne, and "choc. strawberry" are promised at Thursday's open house.
· 462 Diamond Street [MLS]