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Chron: Busted

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According to a three-month study conducted by the Youth Media Council during February, March, and April 2007, the San Francisco Chronicle ran stories about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie more than city-related issues. Among a laundry list of inditements against the pub, it also reports that problems in the housing market (foreclosures and the housing “bubble”) exceeded stories on displacement, homelessness and school closures by more than 3-1. Studies and statistics prove tricky, raising questions of conduct and credibility (note: the study will soon be posted to the Youth Media Council's website, where you can judge for yourself). We can't vouch for the numbers here, obviously— and we certainly can't lay claims to entirely unbiased reporting, either. (Who can?) Agree or disagree, this one's worth considering— so go on now. [Beyond Chron]