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Big Brother Bypass: SuperShuttle Van Service

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Another Bay Area business absorbed by a bigger-named competitor— this time in the cut-throat world of airport van service. M&M Luxury Shuttle, Inc., is being gobbled up by SuperShuttle International Inc., "the largest airport ground transportation company in the U.S." Kind of a shame: While in our experience M&M has proven harder to schedule, when it's worked out we've we've usually experienced top-notch service. SuperShuttle is much easier schedule-wise, and the drivers are usually fine . . . but boy, those vans need some shocks. Passengers. Feel. Every. Single. Bump. Also, In our view, less competition rarely does anything to raise the bar.

But other options are limited. Cabs are pricey and tend to forget your reservations. And BART? Well, that only works if you pack light, and leave very early. Also, consider that $5.4 million that was just granted to BART for sophisticated security camera upgrades. Vans are a better bet if you're worried about big brother. Also, there's the little matter of the $245 million in other security features BART is apparently lacking.The scheduled vans, even though bumpy, probably aren't in need of bomb-sniffing dogs.
· SuperShuttle International Inc. Acquires Two More Shuttle Companies [PR Newswire via Yahoo]
· BART gets $5.4 million from state to upgrade surveillance cameras [SF Chronicle]