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Mapping "The Gays": The New York Times on Halloween in The Castro

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Leave it to the New York Times to A) write a thinly-veiled article about Halloween in the Castro B) suggest that the neighborhood may be "Passé" in the headline, and C) digress so far afield that a holiday celebrated by the entire city comes to serve as a platform for a half-baked study of gay population shifts, gays across America, AIDS, real estate, gentrification ... you name it, as long as it can be jammed into the rubric of "gayness" and filed under "Halloween." (And provide fodder for the two maps seen here: one of which tracks the "migration" of gays out of the Castro. The other plots statistics on same-sex couples in cities across America. Totally related to the holiday, right?) Initially, we threw in a couple of bonus points for shouts to Cliff's Variety and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They were quickly redacted, however, for while the article does mention last year's shootings and other neighborhood safety concerns, it does not specifically chronicle incidents of hate crime during Halloween celebrations-gone-by. Can't party down too hard with the gays now can you, Gray Lady?
· Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé [NYT]