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Buyers, Breathe: Social Outreach in SoMa

The newly redeveloped Westfield San Francisco Centre—and yes, this mall does have its own Wikipedia page—opened just over a year ago; the recent unveiling of Barneys nearly caused mass pandemonium among the city's social set.

We've turned the Curbed (and Eater) watchdogs on the area, and like good little pooches, they've brought up the dirt on Mint Plaza and other projects, such as yesterday's Hotel SOMA. No matter how tempting the interior or how juicy the restaurant gossip, however, our readers keep imploring us and one another: What about the neighborhood? We're gonna do a little "outreach," folks—that's what. Mr. Gavin Newsom has targeted his new pilot program, craftily titled "Downtown Outreach Program" at SoMa, sending out his fleet of minions to work a 15-block radius, from Third to Fifth Streets, between Market and Harrison Streets.

Not unlike former Mayor Frank Jordan's wildly unpopular (read: fascist) "Matrix" program, those committing a crime will be cited, sent to social services, or simply arrested. And what, exactly, constitutes a crime? Insert blurry lines here. A memo from Gav's chief of staff lists the usual urination/ defecation/ intoxication rap (funny enough, there's no mention of shooting people). Littering and blocking the sidewalk are also no-no's in that 15-block radius, too. Take heed, shoppers: Better have the valet help lighten your load. After all, nobody wants to be embarrassed by a run-in with the police for blocking pedestrian traffic with a days' worth of consumer cargo!
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