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Presidio Bidding War: Former Officer's Homes For Rent

Oh hark, is this the now-restored officer's house we saw under construction a month or two back? Appears so. The Presidio Trust, along with the John Stewart Company is currently accepting bids beginning at $7400/month for these "historical and elegant homes." Not unlike applying for graduate school or a MacArthur Genius grant, interested parties must submit the following: An application fee of $38/ adult applicant, and a letter of intent stating the following: rent bid, lease commencement and termination date, and rent escalation factor. (Whaaa?) After passing the first round of acceptance offers, chosen by the company and the Presidio Trust, prospective renters (renters, people!) will be subjected to "standard screening" including, in part: "a credit check, criminal background check, verification of income and assets and verification of past residence. Submittals will be evaluated based upon the household’s demonstrated ability to enhance the Presidio’s financial viability, as evidenced by overall financial capability, proposed rent terms, and proof of ability to perform." Hard. Core. Who's on board with this, and what's the sell for you? Speak!
· 533-B Simonds Loop [The Presidio Trust]