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40 Jessie Street: Toeing the Line For Planners, Greenies, and Universites Alike

Higher education: that environment that encourages the flow of free thought and the exchange of ideas . . . for some. 40 Jessie Street, slated to be the new student services center and "front door" of Golden Gate University's flagship campus in SoMa, has been forced to follow a peculiar code. According to the school's 2007-2008 Catalog, it was mandated that the new complex reuse the existing structure to a very significant degree—no, it's not a registered historical building, but planning officials have said it's of historical interest. Of course, paying homage to your neighborhood's roots is more than okay with us. It just seems strange that such a limit would be placed without some sort of official designation. Even though constrained, Ratcliff Architecture, the firm working on the renovation, is nevertheless pushing for some unique features.

Work began in July 2006 to turn the 94-year-old former ship boiler factory into a space (supposedly early in '08) that will be airy (six-stories, 50,000 square feet), bright (lots of outdoor views and natural light being added), energy efficient, and, perhaps solidifying its place as a San Francisco-based complex, a roofing membrane that minimizes "heat island" effect.
·Golden Gate University Breathes New Life Into SOMA Structure [PR Newswire via Yahoo!]

Image courtesy Golden Gate University