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That's Rather Lovely: SoMa Loft Gets it Right

That's Rather Lovely, the nice twin of That's Rather Hideous, highlights clever decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos and such. Today's darling: SoMa

While we prefer our homes with a modern flair, so many spaces suffer from "big box" syndrome, wherein kitchens are simply slammed into corners or against walls while bedrooms loom overhead. Many problems arise from this sort of floor plan, but for some unknown reason, the "kitchen thing" really gets to us. We do not want our guests to behold our frantic flailing about and ensuing mess; who wants to retire for a night cap in sight of that, anyway? That said, we're happy to have come across this pricey ($4,800/month), yet large (1,900 square feet ) seemingly well-done SoMa live/work loft. (We hesitate slightly only because we haven't been inside of it!) This particular kitchen offers options: breakfast or casual cocktails at the bar, or in the dining room which, though in close proximity, is screened by a door. A door that closes! With more intimate seating nooks on either side of the dividing room, we'd like to imagine feeling comfortable in this space, not like we're stuck in freezer or cowering beneath a microscope (both feelings we sometimes have in these sorts of places)
· $4800 Large live/ work loft with washer/ dryer & parking 1900sqft (SOMA / south beach) [Craigslist]