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Feasablity Study: 2515 Scott Street, Pacific Heights

Think Curbed SF focuses too intently on high-end real estate? Standby as we pass the buck over to the Examiner's populist pick of the week:

One extended family under a single roof? By choice, not necessity? While the mere thought just inspired us to order Xanax from Canada, for Pacific Heights homeowner James Hennefer it was a goal— and a hell of a project, too. Anti-trust lawyer and wine hobbyist Hennefer purchased 2515 Scott Street in 1999, and set to work in rejoining the subdivided 15,000 square foot mansion back in to a single residence to shelter an assortment of family members desiring to live in the city. Unfortunately, by the time said renovations were completed last year, several had already passed on. Deeming the space simply too big, Hennefer is offering the 8 bedroom, 11 bath home, designed by architect Clinton Day and built in 1899 on two 81' x 120' lots for a cool $19,750,000. Elevators! Eleven Fireplaces! A 6-car garage! Private wine cellar! All this, for only $1316 per. Says McGuire Real Estate agent Tina Bartlett Hinckley: “He has kind of a gusto for things. He’s artistically inclined. ? I think he got into the project." You think?
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