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Fire in the Hole: Flashing Heat at Old Mint

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What was to be an innocent matinee turned into an exercise in on-ground reportage as we passed by Mint Plaza yesterday afternoon, thrilled to have our camera on hand as a handful of po-po's in just as many K-cars finished arresting a single person on the steps of the Old Mint. With such spectacular displays of municipal force, who needs sparkling lights and tinsel? Bloomingdales should partner with the city (more than it surely has already) and install cops in its windows for the holidays. Precious!

Skipping past the action and around the corner to visit our best boy Mint Plaza, we were equally delighted to find an off-duty security guard, employed by the Mint Collection, who happily gave us the deets: The single cop who arrived on the scene to arrest Mr. Lush was, shall we say, a bit vertically challenged in comparison to his target. Reinforcements: called. Passers-by– and we're talking all different kinds of folks here— seemed slightly amazed by the outsized operation that had whipped around Market and on to Fifth with lights ablaze and sirens screaming.

The good news for concerned Mintcateers (did we just coin a name for Mint Collection buyers? Oh yes, we did). The security guard, who had no motive to lie to us— we were jumping up and down in tandem over Mayor Newsom's upcoming dedication of the plaza, after all— said that Mint Plaza itself has be pretty calm. He and other security officers spend their days "keep[ing] people moving," and that seems to have an effect on crime, he claimed. Hmpf.